Who we are

ATM is a limited company formed by polish and french associates, based in Zielona Góra. Existing since 2014, with a presence in the Lubusz voivode and a lot of contacts in its industrial fabric among small and middle-size companies, ATM tends now to be international.

Vision mission and goals


In a world where various know-how are needed for every business, companies needs infrastructure and environment to use the best of them talents. ATM Poland has vocation to connect business cores with management.


ATM Poland does support companies in their development on account managing, clients relationships and communication.


  • Allow small companies to focus on their business core
  • Consult about accounting and legal issues
  • Establish connection between suppliers and customers

Our services

Initially focused in accounting, ATM got an precise vision of needs and opportunities in the polish market. The field of activities was thereafter expanded on administrative support for contractors and now, ATM established also commercial network on the European scale.

  • Direct business representation on the foreign market.
  • Create Market Development Plans along with a report on business profitability and competitiveness.
  • Building brand recognition in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe
  • Find and make contacts with business partners, distributors, manufacturers.
  • Full support for obtaining the required certificates
  • Building customer base.
  • Managing Distributors Network
  • Help with setting up a business or agency.
  • Implementation of trade missions.
  • Legal aid, accounting, HR, ICT solutions, employee training.
  • IT services
  • Support to identify the company’s needs, accounting and legal services


As a company involved into culture, ATM Poland supports the Frankofilm festival, where 200 people from Poland, France, Germany, Belgium, Romania and Czech republic take part every year to a 3-day short and long movies screening. In this way, the festival promotes the french language in Poland in an educational context.

More informations at frankofilm.pl.